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New TrueTooth™ Replica
30-001A Accessed Mandibular Molar

This replica has been designed for teaching access cavity design as a model for students, but primarily to allow them to iteratively practice negotiation and shaping skills.

Case Gallery: Radix Entomolaris

Case by
Dr. Oscar Lozano Gonzalez
Queretaro, Mexico

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Mental Imaging in Endodontics

In this short clinical video segment referenced in Dentistry Today's June, '13 article, Dr. Buchanan shows how to bend a negotiating instrument and describes the feeling of it "catching" a bifurcating MB2 canal.


New Technology

Dr. Buchanan explains why dentists who continually upgrade their skills and technology have the most successful practices.


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No More Supremely Stinky Teeth

In this brief article, Dr. Buchanan discusses his rationale for including reproducible replicas of tooth anatomy to accelerate your root canal training competency.



From the Op™ - Owning a Complex Canal...Completely

This case is the quintessential upper molar with confounding MB root and root canal anatomy. An exceptional case showing DX, TX planning, mental imaging, file bending and more!



Is There Another Canal In This Root?

Dr. Buchanan describes the decision tree and radiographic techniques he uses to determine -without a cone beam CT machine-whether more than one canal is present in a given root.


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Case Gallery: Snatching Victory from the Jaws of Defeat

Case by
Dr. William Nudera
Bloomingdale, IL, USA


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NEW: Six New TrueTooth™ Replicas (click to view)

Listen to Dr. Buchanan and dental students discuss their experiences with TrueTooth™ training replicas.

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